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CARMIN handbags are timeless yet thoroughly modern pieces crafted using only the finest quality materials. Each handbag is exclusively stitched by skilled craftsmen and made in a French workshop recognised for its remarkable know-how, respect of traditions and quality of work for many years.

Albane Chevallier-Chantepie, the Company's founder and creative director had a dream. She loved the luxury and softness of quilted handbags and really wanted to own an exclusive piece with a special and unique pattern. She decided to create her own design. After many hours of learning, drawing, pattern cutting and materials sourcing, CARMIN first high-end pieces were born!

Having spent several years in the corporate world, French born and Chelsea based Albane Chevallier-Chantepie decided to use her skills to develop her passion for design and, in 2013, she created CARMIN fashion label. The aesthetic and artistic environment of her upbringing and her classical French heritage gave her a natural love of beauty and influenced her work.

As a designer, she wanted to achieve with these handbags what a modern and elegant woman would want. Carmin handbags are created for women who love style, quality and exclusive craftsmanship.

Discover CARMIN Luxury Handbags' collection:

Les Intemporels

The first creations are exquisite quilted soft lambskin handbags (Vicki Shoulder Bag, Paris Clutch) and quilted soft calfskin handbag (Hobo) stitched with CARMIN unique pattern.

CARMIN latest design, the Riviera, is a luxurious and elegant tote bag in soft calfskin, with double leather handles.

Leather Belts

CARMIN has recently added to its collection stunning leather belts made in a workshop in Paris.